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Who we are

Christoph P. H. Keisers

Managing Director



Thomas Weins

Managing Director

Raphael Wischnewsky

Head of Operations


As early Agheerian being with the team from first days of operationalization I really enjoy now to see how things come together. I am both proud and happy be part of a team that is made of people from so different backgrounds but such a joint spirit. I strongly believe that our services will change the logistics world!


Baktash Modabber

Head of Sales


Empathy and adaption are my strengths. Making use of these abilities, enables me to transfer customer desires into technical solutions. My major emphases are development and integration of telematics hardware into existing logistic processes. Dealing with innovative topics and multicultural people delights me, something that Agheera creates for its employees.


Vanessa Hasert





Anna Lebrato






Jan Gutzeit









Taking care of the maintenance process for our hardware involves me in many dimensions of our business. Together we continue to improve our quality and maintain high standards to deliver a fine service.


Sergey Soldatenkov




Johannes Naumann

Crowd Logistics


I have experience as an employee of a Fortune 500 company as well as from cofounding a small enterprise myself. My motivation derives from combining corporate and start-up knowledge, skills and culture in order to implement useful and value adding products and services in a lean way. I love working with people from different cultural and institutional backgrounds, hence Agheera is a perfect fit for me.


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