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Who we are

Raphael Wischnewsky

Managing Director


As early Agheerian being with the team from first days of operationalization I really enjoy now to see how things come together. I am both proud and happy be part of a team that is made of people from so different backgrounds but such a joint spirit. I strongly believe that our services will change the logistics world!


Ivica Kapular

Business Development Manager


Empathy and adaption are my strengths. Making use of these abilities, enables me to transfer customer desires into technical solutions. My major emphases are development and integration of telematics hardware into existing logistic processes. Dealing with innovative topics and multicultural people delights me, something that Agheera creates for its employees.


Vanessa Hasert

Customer Delivery Manager


As part of the Agheera Operations Team, I am pleased to have the chance to face daily new ideas and challenges. No project, no customer is as the other, the possibilities are endless.




Stefanie Bergfeld

Customer Solution Manager



Jan Gutzeit

BA-Student / Operations


As dual student I am very happy to work at Agheera. The combination of theory in university and practice at Agheera is a real plus. The team quickly involves you in projects and daily work. Working for Agheera is an opportunity I do not want to miss in my curriculum.





Ben Hänel

BA-Student / Operations





Frederik Kiefer

BA-Student / Operations






Jörn Donner

Manager Warehouse and Maintenance


Taking care of the maintenance process for our hardware involves me in many dimensions of our business. Together we continue to improve our quality and maintain high standards to deliver a fine service.


Sergey Soldatenkov



With 10 years experience in developing complex software solutions in the telecom field, changing to the logistics arena with Agheera is a new challenge for me. I am looking forward to apply my knowledge and expertise in modern web development and learn new exiting technologies like cloud computing and real-time analysis.


Marius Kappes





Arpan Ghosh

IT Service Manager



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