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Case Study Asset Utilization

Key Facts

  • 12,000 - 15,000 swap bodies
  • More than 20,000 locations monitored in real time

Situation & Challenges

Another challenge was the non-availability of swap-bodies at certain locations, identifying closest empty drives and repositioning available number of swap bodies on the move was challenging due to unavailability of instant, accurate information. Additionally, daily inventory of swap bodies and annual inspections were carried out by labor intensive manual requiring a lot of time and efforts.


Agheera provided an out of the box telematics solution to the customer including hardware, software, airtime and complementary services in pay per use rent modal. All 15,000 swap-body containers are equipped with solar powered telematics devices which are designed to operate minimum seven years maintenance free. A unique combination of solar technology and a strong battery pack overcome the challenge that swap bodies had no self-power supply. The tracking devices transmit their positions regularly when the swap-bodies are in transit. The customer was integrated into

Additionally, an initial set up of 20,000 geo-fences (predefined geographical rule that gives automatic notifications when a vehicle crosses those selected areas) provides exact information to the customer about which containers are at which predefined locations.

Key Benefits

  • The customer obtains an instant overview on the positioning and amount of carriers.
  • Number of lost or stolen containers which have been written off in the past has dramatically decreased. Time to gain control back of containers with unknown whereabouts is now far shorter.
  • Repositioning of available containers is done much faster than before with instant electronic asset overview via Track.Agheera monitoring portal, increasing container utilization.
  • Evaluation of daily inventory and annual inspections are executed electronically and faster on Track.Agheera portal, reducing labor intensive manual work. The hours spent for inventory and annual inspections significantly decreased, increasing the efficiency on the employees.
  • Implementation of Agheera telematics solution leads to cost optimization, due to reduction of lost swap-bodies as well as using rent modal and end to end telematics solution of Agheera.
  • Complexity about repositioning of available containers is eliminated with 24/7 online solar devices and real time monitoring portal Track.Agheera. Now this is executed electronically which increases operational efficiency dramatically.

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