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Temperature Controlled Transport Visibility

There is a crucial interest in transport conditions and integrity in the Life Sciences and Health Care industry. Stricter regulations, extended geographic coverage and intense cost pressure are significantly raising the stakes of requirements for safe distribution. Due to the biochemical nature of pharmaceuticals strict temperature controlling is a decisive parameter not only during manufacturing processes but also while transporting and handling materials. A number of compulsory rules and advice for practices are in place for assuring product quality by controlling the temperature. The violation against applied regulations cause dire consequences for manufacturers such as painful financial penalties, dropping sales, irreversible brand damages and, worst of all, compromised patient safety.

Hence, real-time monitoring of temperature and notification about breaches of given ranges during transport processes provides several benefits. For example, a pre-alarming on approaching out of range values enables appropriate intervention management to avoid losses. Stakeholders can react accordingly and forward-thinking in case of temperature incidents leads to damaged materials. But how to comfortably access data in complex supply chains with multiple subcontracted vendors applying numerous and not standardized technologies? Ideally the needed information is integrated and available in the own planning tools and systems.

Temperature Graph


Track.Agheera. Customers can obtain information on current temperature, geo-fence positioning, Estimated Time of Arrival, Pre-alerts and alerts can be provided directly to their existing IT-system.

TRACK.Agheera Telematics Platform system transforms raw data into business relevant information. The system enables connections to devices, other systems and services by supporting all common interface technologies. The used cloud technology provides scalability towards large volumes of data and general availability but assures data security and information integrity at the same time. A powerful notification engine supports the creation of extensive customizable event and alert rules to comply with business rules. Smooth integration from data source to destination systems is key and our strong focus.


  • Real-time intervention management when temperature beaches are expected
  • Real-Time dispatching of trips and shipments
  • Predictable yard and warehouse management;
  • Proof of delivery provision to customers

Markets: Life Science & Healthcare and Chemical industries, 3 PLs & 4 PLs, warehouse management providers, transport management providers.

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