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Telematics Data Consolidation



TRACK.Agheera Telematics Platform is the core of the system to transform raw data into business relevant information. The system enables connections to devices, other systems and services by supporting all common interface technologies. The used cloud technology provides scalability towards large volumes of data and general availability ensuring data security and information integrity at the same time. A powerful notification engine supports the creation of extensive customizable event and alerts rules to comply with business rules. Smooth integration from data source to destination systems is key and our strong focus.


  • Real-Time dispatching of trips and shipments
  • Predictable yard and warehouse management
  • Plan and forecast production in accordance to supply chain
  • Proof of delivery provided to customers


  • Energy
  • Engineering and Manufacturing
  • Chemicals
  • Life Sciences and Health Care
  • Technology
  • Aerospace
  • Consumer & Retail
  • Automotive

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