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Vehicle & Trailer Monitoring


Agheera can contribute to productive usage of vehicles by providing real-time information on location, condition and overall end-to-end visibility of how assets are used. Vehicle monitoring solutions are highly adjustable to fleet requirements.

Several hardware devices are available to enable installation on trucks, trailers, commercial vehicles and passenger cars. Next to real-time location data, CAN Bus data is recorded and transmitted for analysis of vehicle usage. Trailer tracking hardware can be connected to EBS to derive tyre pressure and break wear.

Worldwide Connectivity: Global telecommunication coverage to ensure real-time data transfer wherever the asset is.

TRACK.Agheera Telematics Platform is the IT system to transform raw data to business relevant information. The used cloud technology supports scalability towards large fleets, flexibility for customizations and assures data integrity. Track.Agheera enables visualization of tracked assets and numerous functionalities like geofencing, report & business rule generation (inventory reports, movement report, alerting & notifications etc.). The valuable information can be integrated with The valuable information can be integrated to Transport Management Systems resource planning and dispatching IT systems like yard, fleet, transport warehouse management systems.



  • Tour planning and optimization according to business needs
  • Fuel saving
  • Prediction of vehicle service cycles
  • Driver behaviour optimization

Markets: Commercial vehicle fleet operators, carriers and hauliers, car rental companies, construction machine operators and lessors.

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