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Container & Swap Body Monitoring

Globalization and decentralization trends in global economies require fleet operators to keep up with supply and demand trends. At the same time internal processes must ensure high efficiency of deployed assets. Agheera provides transparency to non-powered logistics asset fleets with a holistic solution from one source.


GPS Solar is an autonomously power-supplied GPS based device ensuring maintenance-free operation of up to 7 years. The hardware is rugged and robust to sustain harsh environments where containers and swap body are operated. This device is field-tested by more than 50.000 installations.

Worldwide Connectivity: Global telecommunication coverage to ensure real-time data transfer wherever the asset is loaded.

TRACK.Agheera Telematics Platform is the IT system to transform raw data to business relevant information. The used cloud technology supports scalability towards large fleets, flexibility for customizations and assures data integrity. Track.Agheera user interface enables visualization of tracked assets and numerous functionalities like geofencing, report & business rule generation (inventory reports, movement report, alerting & notifications etc.). The valuable information can be integrated to resource planning and dispatching IT systems like yard, fleet, transport warehouse management systems.

Services: Agheera offers various services to complete a holistic solution and facilitate operating and deploying the monitoring solution. Services include mounting and dismounting of hardware, device management and maintenance, SIM card management and 24/7 customer support.


  • Improvements on the utilization rate of the overall pool
  • Cost and process efficiency
  • Active inventory management
  • Predictability and planning capabilities
  • Easy invoicing processes
  • USP creation
  • Reductions of incidents (lost and stolen assets)
  • Improvement of idle times

Markets: SWAP Body and container manufacturers, Logistic asset leasing organizations, port and terminal operators. Logistics service providers.

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