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Agheera Crowd Logistics

Make use of the vast possibilities that Crowd Logistics has to offer

Recent technological and social developments have enabled disruptively different ways of organizing logistical processes. The development and widespread dispersion of smartphones in developed and emerging markets is leading to ubiquitous mobile availability. This includes new groups of players into the game of logistics and makes multisided platforms with large amounts of previously involved or uninvolved actors a reality. These platforms are able to manage highly complex logistical processes in a completely new and often dramatically more efficient way than traditional processes.

Our team has expert knowledge and hands-on experience of these new ways of doing logistics as well as the incumbent way of doing things. We combine these different areas of expertise to be able to provide our customers with the best solution for satisfying their specific logistical needs.

With our crowd logistics solutions, we want you to profit from an array of benefits regarding the efficiency, transparency and visibility of your processes as well as the outward perception of your business as a whole.

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