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Battery Logistics

A new market is growing in the area of handling and transporting Lithium batteries. This battery technology is used for cell-phones, laptops, cameras, power-tools and for in forklift trucks, electric and hybrid Cars, e-Bikes etc. To bring new batteries on the market is one procedure but to handle defect and status unknown of batteries becomes challenging and a key driver of the business. These batteries are not falling under the packaging certification for new batteries, as the likelihood of serious damages is given; therefore a special packaging for transport is required. With Battery Logistics capabilities we are ready to support you in this arena.


Our Battery Logistics Solutions can support your business with our comprehensive knowledge and expertise of the market needs and Logistics. We have access to a wide range of solutions especially on Road Freight Network.


  • Packaging provider / rental model for defect and status unknown batteries but also for end of Life batteries.
  • European Waste Management Network.
  • Warehousing setup including Value Added Services like recharging, discharging batteries in stock, technical checks, repacking and storage according temperature needs.


We have a vast experience in the following industries, on the other hand not limited to.

  • Automotive
  • Energy
  • Technology

Packaging for defect batteries

  • Mainly big Lithium batteries (>100Wh)
  • Secure and complex solution
  • Rental system including transport
  • Tracking and documentation

Packaging for End of Life

  • All batteries / focus on Lithium compounds
  • Low cost solution
  • Transport with waste management network
  • Rental system including transport
  • Tracking and documentation

Waste Management

  • Reverse logistics to recyclers
  • Collection
  • Tracking and documentation

Competence Center

  • Warehousing / mainly I2M but also as spare parts
  • Complex safety setup
  • Temperature control
  • VAS like charging, dis-charging, technical checks, re-packing

Customer Benefits

  • Customers only pay per usage- investment is not necessary
  • We take care of the return transport of empty packaging including the traceability and management
  • Benefit from the scale-effects as the packaging will be used for multiple senders

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